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Arcs & Fans Quilt Circle Cutter Ruler

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Making a patchwork quilt is all about perfection. It's a rule that every quilter knows by heart. That's because each pattern should be precise and similar to the other fabric pieces.

This is why when it comes to measuring and cutting circles, they all have to be of the same size and shape.

And what better way to do that than with the Arcs & Fans Quilt Circle Cutter Ruler!

With this template, you're sure to easily cut perfect circles on fabric!

Effortlessly Cut Colorful Circles for Patchwork

  • Cut perfect patterns like fan-shaped quilt pieces...

  • Or semicircles by folding fabric in half...

  • Even rings or circles on fabric folded in quarters.


  • Comes with guidelines for quick measurements

  • Bright green markings allow the user to see Imperial scales easily

  • Saves time and effort; no need to cut and measure fabric manually.

Different Cutting Variations

  • With this template, you can come up with 4-inch to 12-inch sized fabric pieces.

  • 100% High-Grade Quality Acrylic

  • Durable and transparent

  • Laser-cut edges give you precise and consistent results all the time.

  • Cut perfect, colorful fabric pieces every time like a pro. 


  • Material: Acrylic


  • 1* Arcs & Fans Quilt Circle Cutter Ruler


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